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Rules for renting the HOT Dog Club’s Training Building 

  • The use of the training building and the agility is for obedience, rally & competition training. It is not intended to be used for aggressive or vicious dog behavior modification training.
  • HOT must have a signed waiver & rental agreement on file before usage. No E-collars (shock collars).
  • Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and provide copy of current rabies paperwork.
  • Dogs must be on flea control program.
  • No dogs, crates, x-pens or training supplies to be left unattended.
  • May train with food, but please pick up any left on the floor.
  • Must pick up dog waste with plastic bags provided and dispose in OUTSIDE garbage bin.
  • Must keep dogs quiet because of surrounding businesses.
  • Bitches in season may enter the training building, but must be wearing britches.
  • Bitches in season may not enter the agility ring.
  • Building doors and locks must be secured before leaving.
  • A Simplex type combination lock will be used on the front door. The Building Chair will change the code monthly and provide at time the facility is reserved.

                   To reserve the building email

Building Rental Calendar

Click HERE for HOTDOG building rental fees